Medicaid, Child Health Plus, and Other Plans

At MVP, we offer several free and low-cost health plan choices for individuals and families. Our affordable, high-quality health coverage options include: 

  • Medicaid Managed Care

    Medicaid Managed Care is a health insurance program for low-income children and adults. Your eligibility for Medicaid depends on: 

    • Income 
    • Family size 
    • Citizenship and naturalization status 

    If you’re blind or disabled, Medicaid is also available to you regardless of age. There are no monthly premiums for Medicaid. 

    Find out if you’re eligible for Medicaid.

    Visit our Individuals and Families page [link to Individuals and Families, page ID 1.14.6], and select I am interested in Medicaid, Child Health Plus, or Essential Plans. 

  • MVP Harmonious Health Care Plan

    Our Harmonious Health Care Plan combines services for members with concerns about physical health, behavioral health, and substance use. The New York State Office of Mental Health determines eligibility for these services. If you’re a member of our Harmonious Health Care Plan, you can take advantage of our Health Home Services Program [link to Health Home Services Program, page ID] to help coordinate your physical, mental, and social health care. 

    Explore our Harmonious Health Care Plan [link to Harmonious Health Care Plan, page ID] 

  • Child Health Plus

    Child Health Plus is a plan for kids who don’t qualify for Medicaid. Almost all children under 19 qualify for health coverage with Child Health Plus regardless of family income or immigration status. Depending on your family’s income, you may need only a small monthly premium to enroll your child. 

    Find out about Child Health Plus. [link to Child Health Plus, page ID] 

  • Essential Plan

    We offer the Essential Plan to New York State residents with low or moderate incomes who don’t qualify for Medicaid Managed Care or Child Health Plus. The Essential Plan has a $0 monthly premium and offers the same essential benefits as other health plans. 

    Learn more about the Essential Plan. [link to Essential Plan, page ID 1.17.11] 

More Low-Cost Plan Options

Use our Individuals and Families plan finder [link to Individuals and Families, page ID 1.14.6] to see what you qualify for.

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We make it easy to renew your Medicaid, Child Health Plus, or Essential Plan. 

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